Vincent Masuka Bobble Head

Vincent Masuka Bobble Head


Dexter Vincent Masuka Bobble Head

From Bif Bang Pow

  • You need a perverted, wisecracking crime lab tech.
  • Vincent Masuka, direct from Showtime's Dexter TV series!
  • This bobble head is a 7-inch tall, resin wobbler.
  • Choose Vince for that lab you're building in your garage!

Standing 7-inches tall and made of resin, this remarkable bobble head brings you actor C.S. Lee as Vincent Masuka, the innuendo-cracking, probably perverted partner of Dexter from the super-popular Dexter TV series. He'll fit right in, in that crime lab you're building in your garage!

Vince makes a terrific companion piece to the other Dexter bobble heads from Bif Bang Pow! (sold separately).

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