Super 8 Alien Bust

Super 8 Alien Bust


Carnivorous, scary, and smart! He's the alien from Super 8. Created directly from the 3-D model for the movie! Meticulously detailed Alien Bust features an ornate display base.

  • Limited edition of just 500 pieces! Created by artist Neville Page, world-renowned creature designer, this superlative Super 8 Alien Limited Edition Bust is taken directly from the 3-D model used to make the creature effects in the Super 8 movie! Measuring 10 1/4-inches tall x 4 3/4-inches wide and weighing approximately 3 pounds, the sculpture is the largest and most complex statue ever created by Quantum Mechanix.

  • Both the master used to make the bust and the paint design were fashioned by Mr. Page. As a result, this piece has an incredible amount of detail and is extremely accurate. Each bust in this limited edition comes with an individually numbered plaque and a numbered certificate of authenticity signed by Neville Page.

  • What a terrific edition to your monster collection! Limited edition of just 500 pieces. This extraterrestrial creature crash landed on Earth in 1958.

  • Despite his superior intelligence and advanced technology, he was captured by the military and placed in a holding cell for observation and experimentation. That is, until he escaped and tore a path of destruction through a small town - his ultimate goal to repair his ship and return to his home planet. Ages 16 and up

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