Transformers G2 Menasor Stunticons Boxed Set

Transformers G2 Menasor Stunticons Boxed Set


Transformers Combiner Wars G2 Menasor Stunticons Boxed Set

From Hasbro

  • Add six Decepticons to the Combiner Wars!

  • All six figures merge to form Menasor - now in 1990s Generation 2 colors!

  • Mix and match with your other favorite Combiner Wars toys, sold separately.

  • Based on the legendary unreleased prototype team from 1994!

Bring home the original team to build G2 Menasor, based on the legendary unreleased robots in disguise form the 1990s! Motormaster, Brake-Neck, Brakedown, Drag Strip, and Dead End merge with their new team member Blackjack to form G2 Menasor. This brightly-colored band of baddies each comes armed with a weapon, be it a sword, a pipe, an axe, or something equally painful. Each figure is articulated, with Motormaster forming the body and his companions able to become cars, robots, arms, or legs. Get the whole Decepticon team and a true legend in the world of collecting with this awesome set! Ages 8 and up.

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